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SHOOT the motherfucker !

19 июля´05 16:13 Просмотров: 307 Комментариев: 2
what the fuck ? the shitty Monday slowly turned into even more shitty Tuesday.I got this bad feeling its gonna play this way for the whole dicksucking week. Im on the damn verge to shoot someone or better strangle! just a bit too much for one guy ! I cant even have a drink. thats because of my health problem(which alone just drive me nuts). I must take truckloads of pills, have stupud tubes in my veins and expose my ass to wonder shots every fucking day.
the rest of my daily shit is flying high of course. Not a chance to relax. So i got this fuckedup question : what the fuck ? how long is it gonna take to calm that crazy team to calm down and give me a break?!
hey, Sir , why dont u stop kicking my ass for a little while ? just for a change ?
motherfucker .....
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Трасса_Е95  (аноним)  19.07.2005, 20:25
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Да потому что в перепалках с верховными говорить "Не были бы вы так любезны?" не катит ...
Как минимум "БУДЬТЕ так любезны". И точка.
Синяя_чашка    19.07.2005, 20:25
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может быть )))