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Do TV violence programs influence on people?

19 июля´05 18:38 Просмотров: 375 Комментариев: 3
Television plays such an important part in so many people’s lives that it is essential for us to try to decide whether it is a blessing or a curse. Obviously television has both advantages and disadvantages. But do the former outweight the latter?
Television, as it is often said, keeps you informed about current events, allows you to follow the latest developments in science and politics, and offers and endless series of programs which are both instructive and stimulating. The most distant countries and the strangest customs are brought right into the sitting room. The television screen itself has a terrible, almost physical fascinating force. We get so used to looking at its movements, so dependant on its flickering pictures that it begins to dominate our lives.
Yet nowadays most movies are concerned with violent aspects of life, such as murder, burglary, riots, rapes, kidnapping, hijacking and the like. And all this stuff keeps rooted to their seats little children, teenagers, men and women. They are eagerly absorbing its cruelty, brutality, irreconcilability. You can’t help noticing that most of children want to become supermen with enormous biceps for who to kill a living-being is a mere trifle. With wide-open eyes they are watching Stallone, Shwartsneger, Van Dam and other stars stabbing, clubbing, shooting, strangling, burning, bombing, drowning and garroting their victims.
What can we expect form our young generation after watching such dreadful samples of violence? – Any kind of compassion, sympathy or all-forgiving love?
We worriedly ask ourselves: “Who is to blame…? Indifferent parents, government or somebody else? Where is our spirituality, our Faith, the main weapon of Slavonic people? Love to each other, total forgiveness, meekness can be a great remedy for a deadly disease like violence.
People are so used to seeing violence on the stage, that they would be surprised and relieved to meet a play or a film about ordinary people, caught up in ordinary events.
Let’s hope that we stand a chance for it.
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Pashencij_Sh_M    21.07.2005, 18:15
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слава безумная орава крики "браво" всё время голова идёт кругом каждых хочет быть твоим другом...
quevil    21.07.2005, 09:57
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television - sucks =)))) real life forever!!! =)
Pashencij_Sh_M    20.07.2005, 18:52
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вдало керують думками
з телеекранів ті що над нами
пульти тримають долоні
ми у блакитному телеполоні...
ллються рожеві сиропи
нібито наближають нас до Європи
зараз новини
а згодом
ми вас побавим солодким болотом...