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Oh, fret!!!!

4 августа´05 19:11 Просмотров: 242 Комментариев: 0
Я хочу нові кульчики- такі срібні, досить масивні, ажурні і витончені. Я теж хочу такою бути...
ДОсить театрально поводитись. Гарно сидіти. Красиво усміхатися. бути чемною. І занудною. Тупо, як в танку
The thing is that my girlfriend broke up with me. its not the first time that a girl has dumped me but this one was special.. I really really loved her, but there is no way getting her back. So I'm asking my fellow metal heads to helping me to find a way to get over this.. my heart is really broken and I have been thinking about suicide for a few days and would still be thinking about that if my best friend wouldnt have been there for me... he is a great deal of a help but he doesn't know any way of getting over her... I'm not asking for advice like getting really drunk, do drugs or anything stupid... just something to put my heart and mind at ease... I need help
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