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Constant fever

5 марта´13 21:24 Просмотров: 386 Комментариев: 0

I have been roving in a ruthless desert ,

I have been strangled, no - i just couldnt breathe.

I was surrounded with lies, with pain, with blether.

A pilgrim, gin who dies to be realised. 


So easy, so strong, with no fear 

You bursted into my entire world.

Like hurricane, like fire - constant fever

My star map's overwritten, stroken off. 


By Leo's galaxy, by Leo's constellation,

And actuated by the power of pluck

I'd die for you with all my love and passion 

To make u mine? Indeed! What's devil's luck! 


Look here we are..a scorching sand of desert

There is an orchid struggles through- you draw for me.

My love to you just simply cant be measured 

Transforming into servant, still you made me so free.

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