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Arttitud Art Festival San Francisco 2014.

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Arttitud San Francisco. Painting. Mihail Chemiakin.
Painting. Sergey Konstantinov. Sculpture.Aleksey Vladimirov.

Arttitud Art Festival San Francisco 2014.
Participating artists include Sergey Konstantinov whose subject matters range from classic representational to innovative abstracts, Aleksey Vladimirov whose sculptures are in museums and private collections throughout Europe, Valery Vershov who is recognized for his complex paintings of luxurious interiors populated with creatures and characters that render the totalities surreal and entertainingly absurd, and Victoria Kovalenchikova whose unique architectural perspectives give viewers a glimpse into mysterious alternative worlds. This is a rare opportunity to meet and mingle with these creative talents, and to immerse yourself in a wondrous cross-cultural adventure.

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