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Eagles already becoming comeback kids

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"No one should be patting themselves on the back anywhere, " Kelly said Tuesday. "We're fortunate to be 2-0. We've done a great job of coming back in both games, but there is a lot of work in every aspect of the game that we need to work on. So that's the great thing about this group, they understand that. "

The Eagles trailed Jacksonville 17-0 at halftime in the season opener before rallying for a 34-17 victory.

They were down 17-6 against the Colts at the half and 20-6 in the third quarter before coming back. They haven't scored a touchdown in the first half in six of the past 12 games, but they're 9-1 in their past 10 regular-season games.

"It's good to have that in your arsenal that you know that your team can stick together through adversity, " quarterback Nick Foles said. "Do you want to go down like this every single week? I mean, if that's what it takes, we'll do it, but we need to play better football in the first half offensively.

"We really need to get things going. There's a lot of stuff that, even though we won like we did, there's a lot of stuff to improve on. That's the exciting thing for us, we need to improve. "

Foles struggled in the first half against the Jaguars and missed a couple of open receivers against the Colts. He's already matched his interceptions total (two) for all of last season. But his overall numbers are solid: 653 yards, three touchdowns, 86. 1 passer rating.

"We had a few drops at the wideout spot, " Kelly said. "Also had a couple balls that could have been placed a little better, so they've got to come up with the catches and we've got to play some ball a little bit better. "
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