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Did Vontaze Burfict Commit a Questionable Play on Cam Newton?

13 октября´14 11:59 Просмотров: 263 Комментариев: 0
The biggest storyline to emerge from the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Carolina Panthers game, obviously, was that it ended in a 37-37 tie.The back-and-forth shootout between these two teams made for arguably the most entertaining contest of Week 6. Lost in all of that high-scoring hoopla was what appeared to be a questionable play by Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.With four minutes and one second left in the third quarter, Newton followed his blockers and ran for an impressive 12-yard touchdown to put the Panthers up 24-17. Plodding his way through Bengals defenders, Newton was tackled into the end zone by Burfict and cornerback Terence Newman.Clearly in the end zone, Burfict seemed to wrench Newton's surgically repaired ankle after the play. While the tape doesn't paint Burfict in a   flattering way, it's impossible to determine if a player's actions are intentional or not.
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