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Never-ending life cycle

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never ending life cycle. Suddenly you hearthat the person you knew – passed away, desperate you sit all alone, by yourself with tears comingdown. you recall the memories, few facts you had about that person's life butyou knew, you felt that person's soul and heart, you knew the way he thought,you knew the person's daily fight for life. and you feel sorry that your ownlife is something opposite. you understand you are wasting your life on emptypeople and vain goals.

you sit silenced and devastated as if it was you who died.the only thing you need is silence. silence of your own thoughts, doubts,fears, never-ending mentor and assessor speeches telling you what is your life.you seek happiness and genuinely good people. like your friend did. but you arenot like him. he was honest. he never came back to the end of the story, hecontinued his fight. even though he had no chance to live the disease. hebreathed and only he knew how hard it was. he never returned to people whobroke his heart and he forgave them all. He touched the sun and moon, he touched the heart by sincere words andopen smile.

you sit silenced. and want to stop. stop all your life. andre-start it again. But. Youhave only one life. You have to face your mistakes. You have to look into themirror and see yourself. The way you really are. Try not to act, calm you downand see what reflection says you. Aren’t you tired of being someone else? Areyou happy leading your life by Ego guidance? Do you really need all thosepeople around or simply you? You run away from yourself, you lie yourself, youbetray yourself. These are the things you should stop.

Stop. Andwhatever happens breath. Stand up. Open your eyes. Stop your daily escapes. Youwon’t be able to change the others. But you can change yourself. Hmm. You thinkI sound pathetic to you. No, I am not.

I wasstanding by the door looking into his eyes – guy of my age, fighting for hislife every second, struggling for each breath he took. And will save it deeplyin my heart. It was 3 years ago. He fought 3 years – 1095 days, many minutes,seconds. I never thought that I would remember that simple moment of my life. Lifefull of broken illusions, mistakes, doubts, fears, and constant sufferings. Asif I was created only to suffer and to be a victim in any situation of myvictimized life. As if it was everyone’s task to hurt\punish\stand me up. Hah.It was not. It was me. One and only. Selfish, so vain and so stupid. Stupid tothink anyone cares of you. Believe me – the others think only about themselvesand you can do nothing to make them like you. But. Everything starts and endsin you. You are the only person to re-start and break your life, your heart,dreams, bad habits, beat the bit, live your life at full, smile, dance, eat,pray. It is you who chooses the mask to wear, the role to act, the root tomove. Listen to your inner self. Work on yourself. You are the masterpiece. Youare your own treasure. You are the sun and the moon. You have the power toenjoy life. Because you are alive. Please do not forget that your life is aunique chance and you have to live it to the full.



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