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I'll ask you not for anything....

15 октября´05 0:37 Просмотров: 269 Комментариев: 0
You kissed me one last time
And we’ve seen our final day
I’ll ask you not for anything
Except remember me this way…

My eyes were lit with happiness
When they were staring back at you
My smile was bright and genuine
Because of all the things you’d do.

My heart was beating wildly
Every time you were around
My body sang with every touch
Even if you heard no sound.

As I drove by your house
I softly blew a kiss
I’ll ask you not for anything
Except remember this….

My heart is always with you
My love is there forever more
And I’ve left a window open
Even though you’ve closed the door.

If we never meet again
and we each find somebody new
there will always be a part of me
that will still belong to you.

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