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Did you Forget?

15 октября´05 0:43 Просмотров: 353 Комментариев: 2
Did you forget I need you?
Because I can’t find my way
I built my world around you
I don’t know how to live this way.
Did you forget I want you?
Because no matter who I see
There is no one that compares to you
You’re the only one for me.
Did you forget I crave you?
Because I’m left here all alone
I have no arms to hold me tight
And no one to call my own.
Did you forget you have me?
Because my heart’s still in your hands
I’d give up everything for you
I’m still your biggest fan.
Did you forget I trust you?
Because I gave you all of me
From the first moment that my eyes met yours
You were the only one I see.
Did you forget the good things?
And think the bad would be too rough
Were you afraid of taking risks
Thinking love won’t be enough?
Did you forget to hold on?
I would have stayed right by your side
I wonder where my love has gone
There’s been so many nights I’ve cried.
Did you forget I love you?
Because I do, more than I say
I’m still praying that this all will change
I still miss you every day.
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souryana_11    16.10.2005, 13:39
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i did not forget you but i have many work to do :))))
EL*SHAMS    16.10.2005, 13:39
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