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I thought that we were stronger…

15 октября´05 0:48 Просмотров: 256 Комментариев: 0
When you told me that you loved me
I thought I could see it in your eyes
How could I have ever known
That you'd ever say goodbye
I never thought I'd see
The day that we would end
I feel like I have lost
My love and my best friend.
After all this time
I don't know how to walk away
I don't know why you'd leave me
How I wish that you would stay
I know you think it's better
You say you have your reasons
But I thought that we were stronger
We were something I believed in.
I thought we'd have each other
There'd be nothing to keep us apart
But all that's left to show for us
Is the pain inside my heart.
It's hard for me to see
That this is hard on you
It seems like it's so easy
For you to tell me that we're through.
When I hear the words I love you
They now seem so hard to believe
How can that be true
If you really want to leave?
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