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You left

15 октября´05 1:11 Просмотров: 200 Комментариев: 0
There was a time I was hurting
I'd never know love I was sure
But when I wasn’t looking
I opened my eyes and there you were
I never had believed
that the day would come
when I would feel such love
I was important to someone
That was the day I cherished
because I had finally found
the one I'd always love
and build my life around.
But I was unaware
that our time would finally end
that I would lose the man I love
and in that, lose my best friend.
I cried a thousand tears
I prayed you wouldn't go
but your feelings for me weren't as deep
but how was I to know
I softly spoke your name
closed my eyes and took a breath
but when I looked again
I saw that you had left.
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