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The one I used to turn to

15 октября´05 1:20 Просмотров: 365 Комментариев: 2
I am trying now, to let you go for good
I know that you don't want me, that is understood.
I tell the world around me, that I will be just fine
But the truth is everyday I still wish that you were mine.

I may never know the reasons we threw it all away
But I hope you believed me, I wanted you to stay
I close my eyes and cry for you, no one understands
But you still hold my whole heart right there in your hands

The pain from deep inside me only worsens late at night
The one I used to turn to will no longer make things right
If only I could reach out and still find you standing there
But now when I stretch out my hand, it's left lonely and bare.

I miss you and I love you, how I wish you would return
They say we all have heartache, it's a lesson we should learn
I wish I could forget it, I wish I could be set free
From the memories all around that still imprison me.
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souryana_11    16.10.2005, 13:32
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i believe that you have a big heart;)
EL*SHAMS    16.10.2005, 13:32
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but that big heart full of tendernes, is not for everyone ;)