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15 октября´05 1:21 Просмотров: 236 Комментариев: 1
Maybe you were right,
We've been over from the start
I can think it in my mind,
But don't believe it in my heart.

Maybe I was wrong,
I thought you were sincere
When you told me that you loved me
But you're no longer here.

Maybe I was blind
When I saw that glimmer in your eyes
I thought that it was there for me
It turned out to be a lie.

Maybe I'll get over you
And know it was meant to be this way
But right now I just miss you
And I wish that you would stay.

Maybe you gave up
Because you thought it was right
I wonder if you miss me
When you lay in bed at night.

Maybe you'll remember
how we could feel it in a touch
There's no way we could fake that
But I guess it doesn't matter much.

Maybe I'll forget it
I know that life goes on
But I know I'll always love you
And I'll wish that you weren't gone.
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souryana_11    16.10.2005, 13:28
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maybe or maybe not:)
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