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I Remember....

15 октября´05 1:28 Просмотров: 353 Комментариев: 2
I remember everything
From the moment we first met
It's etched inside my aching heart
All the things I can't forget.

I remember how you stood there
And I couldn't help but see
The man that I belonged with
Was standing there in front of me

I remember I was so surprised
You hadn't even spoke your name
And I was hopelessly in love
I knew I'd never be the same.

I remember when I found out
That you felt something for me too
The butterflies welled up inside
I couldn't believe that it was true.

I remember the first time
You welcomed me inside
I was thrilled and I was nervous
It was nothing I could hide.

I remember your first touch
It penetrated to my soul
And I knew I had finally found
The half that made me whole.

I remember our first kiss
It made my knees go weak
I'd never known such power
It left me unable to speak.

I remember when we made love
Sometimes romance, sometimes play
I never stopped wanting you
I craved you every day.

I remember when you held me
You said I was your girl
And you said that you loved me
More than all else in the world.

I remember when you left me
My whole world was ripped away
And now all that's left to save me
Are the dreams of yesterday.
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souryana_11    16.10.2005, 13:24
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i remember you yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahh:) :) :) lol
EL*SHAMS    16.10.2005, 13:24
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lol :)