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Beyond The Word Love!

15 октября´05 1:43 Просмотров: 259 Комментариев: 1
Let's take a journey. A journey way beyond reach. Looking and seeking for that word. We are going far, far into another state of mind. Father than words can even amount to. When you hear the word love what do you think of? Love is strong attachments were you feel devoted to another. Showing affection, and deep interest. Love is unconditional, unreserved. It is a sign indicating gratitude. Being grateful by the pleasure of gratification. Love is a source of satisfaction. Love is like duels where two people fighting with deadly weapons. A battle of love fought to uphold, win, and gain a struggle against anything that would try to stand in its way. Love stands firm and erect. Love is like a building, that is upright but not leaning not lying down, but it stands upward. Love is on a higher degree. Love is very elevated at the point of being high above sea level. Love has to be built on a very strong foundation, which maintains and continues to preserve. Love can defend from evil or destruction. Love is kept existence. Love to me is an actual occurrence of existence. Love is an event of success. Love is filled with wealth and fame. Love contains large possessions and riches and glory. Love is bliss of heaven. That causes gladness and happiness. Love is divine. Love is Godlike. Love is an existence beyond nature, belonging to an invisible world. So what is love? Love is SUPERNATUAL!!!!!!!!
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souryana_11    16.10.2005, 13:16
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