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I can not explain the moves of my soul
when love getting stronger my fears start growing
I count the days I have spent with you
regretful of loosing a moment
of things we together could do
the trips we would take and the time we would pass
the joy, satisfaction that love brings to us
the moments of sorrow and moments of fights
it's like thunderstorm that sky purifies
I may not know loving as Bible teaches us
with love which is patient and kind
not jealous and boastful and rude
that love which respectful which binds
the love which dependless of mood
the love which can bear all things
the love which believes and which hopes
the love which can stand all the fears
the love which can stand all the drops
But my love is pure,is no trick attached
It's strong and it's hearten no words that would match
it can not be chained it can not be forced
Don't maul I beg you it's all only yours

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Sexyboy*  (аноним)  04.11.2005, 15:49
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Pictures? Dissolute? With the image me?:) I yesterday have removed the picture album. I do not want, me already learn in the street:)
Sexyboy*  (аноним)  04.11.2005, 11:00
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This world only also exists only owing to love. Numerous wars, envy, rage... All it destroys the world.
Samaja_Umnaja    04.11.2005, 11:00
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Thanks for visiting me. It would be nice also that you put more pictures on your site:))))))))

Have a nice week end.
Sexyboy*  (аноним)  03.11.2005, 16:16
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Love inside of us
Samaja_Umnaja    03.11.2005, 16:16
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Nobody denies. But I would add that it would be better if the love would be also around us!!!
нездешняя    03.11.2005, 15:41
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хочу просто сказать, что мне очень понравилось
Samaja_Umnaja    03.11.2005, 15:41
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Если сумел оценить можно и ответить на языке поэм. Просто скажу СПАСИБО!!:)
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