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a day I came too late

11 января´06 2:15 Просмотров: 401 Комментариев: 4
Have you ever seen the snow of winter fall in spring
Or the leaves of autumn fall in June
Have you ever seen a rose up close…to sense of what it brings
Ever felt the gentle wind…caress upon the moon
I leave my windows open late at night…to gaze upon the infinite skies
Sitting here alone wondering…this could’ve been a start of a magical night
Rose petals on the ground and softly lit candles by the window
Sitting here silently…there is a boy who longs for your shadow
As I reach and grasp for you, the image of your face starts to fade
With each touch of my hand…I feel your presence leaving without a trace
If love could be measured by depth…I’d love you more than a thousand seas…
I’d bring you the heavens just to see a smile on your face
And if u wanted, I’d rewrite the stars to put together you and me
I know that it’ll never work…I don’t know why I even try
Things are so complicated, because he already exists in your life…

Sometimes a part of me wished that I’d never met you…
But other times it also wish that you never came so late…
I guess there is only so much a person can do
Knowing that we’ve meet by destiny but never chosen by fate
I’d be lying now if I said I’d love you till the end of time
Because the end of time is not enough…
I wish that I could be by you forever
An angel in my life to whom I’d share this love.

It kills me inside of how my feelings must remain a secret
One that you may never know…
Even when you’re sitting by me, your love is so far
Yet I can feel you so close
All these past days with you have felt just like a dream…
A dream I wish that would never end
If only you knew the most painful thing of all…
is when I wake up…to realize you’re nothing more than just a friend
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Iranta    12.01.2006, 19:02
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Why don’t you tell her ?!
xasik    12.01.2006, 19:02
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She needs me as friend, not lover...
sometimes theres things are more strong than you & I and we should understand that.
sweet dreams baby...
Iranta    11.01.2006, 20:41
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Use your head and your heart, its not everything but its a start :)))
xasik    11.01.2006, 20:41
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I gave a word, I gave a promise, that I'll always keep our friendship! the friendship it a treasure, and i always respect my word.
but I love her and she'll never know!