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A Gift

18 января´06 4:29 Просмотров: 306 Комментариев: 2
Dear Angel, my unknown friend...
I know now that you are reading these words knowing it's for you!
Yes Angel, for you...
don’t know why I’ve been blessed,
with such a heavenly gift.
And if this is truly a dream,
then I never want this sleep to lift.

Why you chose to give me this gift,
is more than I can see.
But in return I promise,
that you will never lose me.

I will stay by you always;
never letting you fall.
And if you are ever in danger,
I will defend you until I fall.

For you are a gift,
that I hope never to lose.
And for as long as I live I’ll know,
no gift in this world deserves to be cherished more than you.

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Iranta    18.01.2006, 17:45
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Have I guessed right? … Are you serious?... I mean your intentions:)))
xasik    18.01.2006, 17:45
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You're always right! and with you I am deeply serious. Angel...
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