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И вот он в моих руках!!!!!!!!! :):)

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Да еще и текст к саундтрэку нашла :):)

Peter Salett---Heart Of Mine lyrics

Artist - Keeping The Faith soundtrack

Album - Keeping The Faith

Lyrics - Peter Salett---Heart Of Mine

Do you want to know
If everything glittering
Will turn into the gold
I see in your hair
I feel it could be there
Somehow, tonight

And do you want to find
Something worth saving
The change would do me right
Cause I've been just waiting
And hesitating
With this heart of mine

You're still a mystery
But there's something so easy
In how you're sweet to me
I feel completed
Like it's something I needed
For this heart of mine

There's always something so tragic
About a hopeless romantic

So though we cannot know
If everything glittering
Will turn into the gold
I'm through with waiting
And hesitating
I want you taking
This heart of mine
Heart of mine
Heart of mine
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