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life....love.....past and future....suffering...signs of destiny...dance of the world...

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Life – is strange thing. Sometimes life makes bends. Frequently sharp change looks as pure waters madness. But if suddenly wreck of your plans has any deep and hidden sense? Probably, you just don’t know or even are not guessing what sense exactly. But if you don’t know something, can’t understand – what’s from that? You do you think, that for happened things something is not important from what you simply have no right to refuse? It seems to you, you think about concrete things, but actually you think about abstraction. In fact, important is not that that will occur. We can’t control our lives, and it’s unknown how life will develop. The main is that things which are inside of you.
Past and future – it’s just mirage, the game of fantasy. All the events of the whole world - it’s everything that “was” and everything that “will be” – hidden in nowadays. You have to see it.
But what to do with the signs of destiny, with intuition… They tell us about future, it mean it already is. Future and past live in nowadays. That’s why we can feel that in life there is nothing casual, and everything what is happening with us has it’s own reason. It’s occurring during exactly time and in a correct place.
How we can know what just seems to us and what is for real? Where is that criterion? How to understand what is telling destiny and where is just simple accident?
The person is afraid of a pain, in it the reason of its suffering, - has told Siddhartha. But whether it is necessary to release the person from a pain if it is possible to release it from fear? Not in absence pain disposal of suffering, but in impassivity of heart that lives in a view of true.
Each person has its own life tests and it is necessary to have courage to pass them, not expecting the wonderful help or some miracle. Paradise – it’s what inside of your soul. An unique way to it - your internal freedom.
The love is a dance, the most beautiful, most charming dance in the world. Words are not necessary to the real love, is important for it presence. The one who loves, can know, what physical affinity of the lovely person is. To feel him behind, that he is somewhere here – It is incomparable more, then to believe in his wonderful worlds and oath’s. Dance – is a affinity, and affinity in its turn is love. Dance – it’s always 2 persons. And one of them can’t have more value or being stronger then another one. Dance – it’s measure and tact overflowing you, consisting and flowing through feelings.

What do you all think about it?..............
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FlashCell    17.04.2006, 04:41
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"It takes two to tango". ;)