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My Angel is back to me

28 января´06 2:23 Просмотров: 399 Комментариев: 3
It's really strange sometimes when you feel the happiness come into your heart, your soul and you just smile wondering how I could be happy that much?
So, believe me, the happiness is not a millions of $$$, or to be Antonio Banderass,
the reall happiness is where ever you are you know that there is a dear person thinking of you, waitig for you and missing a kiss on his nose from you.
I'm happy man and I'm rich to have such person to wait for him and warm him with a kiss on his NOSE.
I'm happy, my angel is back.
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Iranta    09.02.2006, 19:27
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Thanks, I’ll do in such way every Day! :)))
Iranta    06.02.2006, 18:41
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I'm thinking of you, waiting for you and missing a kiss on my nose from you!!! :)))
Sweat dreams!
* K * I * S * S *
xasik    06.02.2006, 18:41
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Sweet dear, when wake up in the morning, please touch you nose with you finger and imaging a kiss from me to keep your mood good in day, and please when you lay down to sleep do the same thing to warm your dreams perhaps dream come true.
I'm always here waiting for you, missing you, kissing you. you are my secret, you are my words