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Right now

24 февраля´06 20:43 Просмотров: 224 Комментариев: 0
Someone right now is leaving their apartment
Looking down at the street and wondering where their car went
Someone in a car is sitting at a signal
In front of a restaurant, staring through the window
At someone right now with their finger in their teeth
Who could use a little floss, right across the street
There’s somebody on the curb who really needs a jacket
Spent half the rent at a bar getting plastered
Now he’s gotta walk fourteen blocks
Just to work at a shop where he’s about to get fired
Someone right now is lookin pretty tired
Staring at a laptop trying to get inspired
And somebody living right across the street
Just wrote the best thing that she’s written all week
But her best friend’s coughing up blood in the sink
He can’t even think what happened, feeling so confused
And he knows it looks bad but there’s nothing he can do
I wonder what it’s like to be right there in his shoes but…

No, I’m just taking it in
Out the window of a hotel bedroom again
Tomorrow I’ll be gone, I don’t know when I’ll be back
But in this world everything can change just like that…
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