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-Hi -
What reminded you of me?

-hi darling!!!!
happy to find your letters on the screen!
how r you?
whats nu?

you reminds! yourself
and pictures of you
and sky behind the window
any poetry i read
any day i lived
any woman i had
isn't enough

-I'm getting married end of june/ or July 1st.
I have not prepared anything yet - not decided on anything, whether place, date, dress, type of evening, guests - nothing
I want to change my work, so I've been writing letters for some people. I am also working on financial studies for a project for my dad.
I feel nervous.
How are you? What's new with you?

-don't care of it, any thing you do is perfect! don't you know so far?
-place should be quiet and cool spot on the coast (can you manage?)
-date - any date you want - 'cause you want it
-dress... don't ask...just white
-evening- let your prince to care
-guests - only, ONLY!!!! people you want to share it with.
dont be nervous, you're big girl

-:) that's very funny of you/ very sweet

-that's what i want - to be sweet for you)))

-I'm leaving my computer now - have a good evening :)

-many kisses

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dobri    18.05.2007, 22:43
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с днем рождения красавиц!
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