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Даже если ты уйдешь

27 февраля´06 18:01 Просмотров: 294 Комментариев: 3
Tell me –how could this be
You’re not with me
Why does it hurt deep inside me
Show me – where can I run
Where can I hide
From all the pain that’s inside me
I still remember the way we touched
I feel your kisses on me
You think you’re no longer in my heart
You’re still the angel I see

Just because you walk away, it doesn’t mean goodbye
You can think you’re gone but you’re inside me
Just because you walk away, it doesn’t mean the end
Every time I close my eyes, we fall in love again

I see you touching my face
Fell my heart race
Every beat means I love you
Hold me – take me tonight
Stay by my side
Promising you’ll never leave me
I still remember the night we met
And all the memories you gave me
But if you think you can take them back
You’ll only see what I see

You made me feel my heart
You got to me
We were touching the edge of heaven
When you walked into this world of mine,
You stopped the hands of time
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