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In the cold of winter...

11 февраля´04 12:14 Просмотров: 414 Комментариев: 5
This is the one which I really like....

Come over here, babe
It ain't that bad
I don't claim to understand
The troubles that you've had
But the dogs you say they fed you to
Lay their muzzles in your lap
And the lions that they led you to
Lie down and take a nap
The ones you fear are wind and air
And I love you without measure
It seems we can be happy now
Be it better late than never

The burdens that you carry now
Are not of your creation
So let's not weep for their evil deeds
But for their lack of imagination
Today's the time for courage, babe
Tomorrow can be for forgiving
And if he touches you again with his stupid hands
His life won't be worth living

Walk with me now under the stars
For it's a clear and easy pleasure
And be happy in my company
For I love you without measure
Walk with me now under the stars
It's a safe and easy pleasure
It seems we can be happy now
It's late but it ain't never
It's late but it ain't never
It's late but it ain't never..........................
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Very_Valentine    24.02.2004, 12:54
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yes, I will...I'm not afraid the death, I'll go in better place. There is nothing better than to give you last breath to someone who you loves.....
Very_Valentine    11.02.2004, 17:03
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Mr. Crazy Lover,
Every morning when I opening my eyes,
I’m checking is there any wild roses start to
Growing between my teeth.

NeverAgain    11.02.2004, 17:03
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If I'll show you the roses, will you follow? :))
  (аноним)  11.02.2004, 12:19
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очень забавно...куришь дурь и пишешь стихи на английском....
NeverAgain    11.02.2004, 12:19
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от уж народ, все за чистую монету принимает :)))