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I hate this life......

12 февраля´04 3:48 Просмотров: 514 Комментариев: 3
I have never felt worse than now....What can be worse...I am in the USA, and two my friends died in a car accident...I could even say "good-bye" to them..And + noone didn't want to tell me that for almost 3 weeks.
It was hard to live the same life as i used to live...But I tried ....And everything was okay.But now, three months later, my another friend died in car accident...And now I am confused , I don't know want to do...I am far away from home, in the country , where not a lot of people can speak my language... It's just very hard to handle all these events...It's too much for 16 years old teenager, don't u think so?
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Доктор_Лектор    23.03.2004, 10:08
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Just keep holding on....You are not alone...
don16    12.02.2004, 04:25
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One more thing. Just in case. If you want to talk to me, e-mail me at don16@mail.ru and we will figure something out. Good Luck Buddy. S Privetom Don16
don16    12.02.2004, 04:21
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Hey, dude :) First of all smile as you remember you friends. Just keep them in your heart, don't forget all good times you had together and they will always be with you. I know you think this life sucks, but it's the only one you have, and don;t even think about quiting on it. Shit happens, but there is a lot of good things happens too. Cheer up. I'm 17 and I'm in States too. And I know that it isn't easy to handle all this, but we are strong enough, YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH!