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Be bad, be good, just be

22 марта´04 15:45 Просмотров: 264 Комментариев: 1
Why is it so difficult to leave? stupid question. I've got used to this place, people, culture, everything... but i have to leave in a week.That sucks.Every time i have the same shit: to say good bye, see you some day maybe, keep in touch and so on, but it makes me feel so frustated and lost and... i don't know. Just hate to say "good bye"-shitty words.And then i will get long e-mails about everything that will be going on here but...and i'll miss everything. Anyway, life is a funny thing, it makes such surprises, it gives you the chance to know such great people and to see such beautiful places and have fun and be sad... weird... In one fucking week i'll be at another place, with another people and i'll ask myself; "what am i doing here?" And there will be no answer. Yeah, life is life. Be bad, be good, just be
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Sato_    22.03.2004, 16:33
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what happened?
Why are you leaving?
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