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Since now my pain will stay mine!!!

23 марта´04 21:58 Просмотров: 376 Комментариев: 2
Ok… Let’s say “goodbye” now! Now I feel that I’m free & I’m ready to go away, and U can threw away all your “love” that kills me, that kicks me, that drinks all my life powers. I’m tired, really tired. I want to feel I’m free, and I gonna be free. Yes, you broke me, you burned me, you killed me, but only because of this I want to live, U lost. Don’t try to say that I’m looser. I’m winner. I made too much mistakes & now I’m going away. Press my hand. Kiss me last time in our life. Since this time I’m alone & I’m happy. My pain will stay mine. Your problems will stay yours. U R also free. I’m fed up. New relations won’t born. It died with all my little worlds, which are broken already. By U. It’s all your fall. And in MY future I won’t suffer bcs of your mistakes.
I have no questions. I have only my lifepositions.
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logger    23.03.2004, 22:45
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Thats interesting. All words chill to the marrow. You shoudln't publish it here, where all can read your pain(me too) I'm sorry for replying to your message, it was stupid of me to write it. It's too personal.
Срукшенятко    23.03.2004, 22:11
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You are really Winner!
I'm proud of you Girl!