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Something about you.

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You will agree with me that its very difficult to meet the
unique person for whom you could present all your caress, your passion and love. Spending together 24 hours a day, you ask the heavens to make 1 hour more, you want to enjoy the life with your darling half! Looking at the lovely face of your partner, you have a mind that you know every line of it but from the other side you see something new every time. Making the work or doing something necessary for the life you are hurrying up home to see your half.
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ABBA    24.01.2007, 17:22
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Seven wise men, creative and fine,
Created a pussy to their own design.
First was a carpenter, strong and bold,
With a chisel and hammer, he gave it a hole.
Second was a butcher, quick with his wit,
With a steak knife he gave it a slit.
Third was a hunter, short and stout,
With a piece of fox fur he lined it without.
Fourth was a tailor, tall and thin,
With a piece of red velvet he lined it within.
Fifth was a fisherman, nasty as hell,
He threw in a fish and gave it a smell.
Sixth was a preacher, his name was McGee,
He blessed it and touched it and said it could pee.
Seventh was a sailor, dirty little runt,
He sucked it and fucked it and called it a CUNT!

nothing for recognizing? :02:
La-Ver    24.01.2007, 15:22
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all this about you or did simply write?
Asuka*    24.01.2007, 15:22
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all this about u and me:)
но это не моё авторство, просто прочитала и почувствовала нечто знакомое)