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Message to young people :SEE THE WORLD...............FUCK CAREER

29 января´07 19:34 Просмотров: 353 Комментариев: 2
Try to travel as much as possible. The world is so big, and there is much to see... Try to do it while u are young, since later in life there will be no desire nor time to just pick up a bag one day and go whereever u wish. As the person gets older - more and more barriers arise in front of him or her.I know it is nice to have a solid job, and stand strong on your feet in life, but people who have all that- dont really have time to see and discover what this world has to offer them. They are busy working, establishing themselves, building a carrier.
I SAY : FUCK CAREER.......... GO , ENJOY YOURSELF. One thing u have to keep in mind: dont forget about your future children...
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Диводива    08.02.2007, 10:07
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Agreed ))) for 1000 percent ) Just a little detail - where to find some money for travelling? (thinks about robbing a bank )
SpiritofFire    30.01.2007, 09:46
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100% right...I'm agree with you