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I don’t think u understand how much u important to me, don’t u?
Every time when I look at your eyes I can see the life that you going through
If you’ll need for help I’ll came right now! And gonna shot all your enemies down
I’ll present you my immortal and fall in a trap instead u homie
Cuz’ only u can really love me crony.
There so much hatred in our eyes when recollect that last trice.
I’m a part, I’m exist in your heart, my lungs are breathing till it beating
I’ll never gonna leave you in da fair.
Cuz’ you’re only what I'm living’ for, and I need u more as air, brother!
When we together we got the power. Every body understands their game’s over.
I got to say Sorry. Cuz’ I’m so far and my mind goes to glory when u’re not beside.
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