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That good!

25 апреля´04 1:10 Просмотров: 226 Комментариев: 0
…I’ll be there when you’re sleeping
and every hour you’re awake,
I wanna hear your secrets,
wanna share your worries,
wanna go the deepest,
I don’t wanna hurry…
I want to take a lifetime
to memorize your face,
I wanna hold you closer, kiss you longer…
wanna hear your heart beats stronger and stronger…
Every feel of your fingers,
Every curl in your hair –
Don’t wanna missing it,
I wanna be right in it,
do everything you’re doing,
go everywhere you’re going…
I wanna know your emotions,
wanna taste every tear,
wanna hear you breathing,
feel what you’re feeling…
I wanna know you all over
till I know you by heart,
I’ve gotta know you
with all that I’ve got…
I wanna know you that good
Like none knows you!!..
I’m gonna reach where down deep in your mind!
I wanna get to know you,
I wanna know you that good!..

© Shania Twain
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