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he was alone.... desparate.... alone and desparate.... Something that remined him of pain and love that he once had was flying in the air trying slowly kill him... Blood was stilling in his vains and his eyes were wide open.... He was looking just in front of him, but he sees nothing... nothing that someone would understand... all colors in the room were dark for him, life faded away... life escaped from him... since that moment when she betrade him...
then it will be knife in the hand and cutted vains, blood all over the place - he did it many times for her, and then doctor will come, he would be in the hospital for awhile, and then she will come to him and will say to him again - that it over.... OVER..... and then it will starts again - blood, doctor, shocked friends, but she won't come back.... she left him behind.... in her past.... PAST....
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