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L'eTe Indien...

22 февраля´07 12:59 Просмотров: 375 Комментариев: 2

You know I’ve never been as happy as I was that morning
We were walking along the beach a little like this one
It was that rain or kind of autumn day, which can only find in North America
Over there they call it Indian summer, but it was just our summer
And I can see you now in a long dress looking at a beautiful water corner
And I can remember what I told you that morning, a year ago, a thousand years ago

There could be when this is just a memory
Will you still be loving me even
When the summer has gone?
All my life
The taste of you will fill my life
Even when the summer has gone

Today I’m far away from that autumn morning
But it’s almost I was there
I’m thinking of you
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Do I still exist for you?
I’m like the wave drawn by the moon
Sleeping back on the sand
Remembering the higher tights
Remembering the happiness on the sun shining over the sea
A thousand years ago over the just last year...
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Lukavitca    22.02.2007, 13:53
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Очень грустна...одиноко как то..веет прямо одиночеством..не нада,а...?
Outl@w    22.02.2007, 13:53
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Ладно...постараюсь...а то действительно грустно