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I was drunk and I have written

28 февраля´07 20:09 Просмотров: 230 Комментариев: 1
What is life??? Life is freedom, friendship, life is life. Do you know what makes your lives more active, more specific, not so boring and inimitable?
You’ll say- friend/families – banal and contestable!
- work – bullshit!
- Love – maybe!
- Trye love – very close!
My answer for today – is SEX! Yes? Really. When you love somebody or someone loves you – that’s cool !!!It makes your spirit better, your mood higher, your healthy and figure more beautiful. Have you ever noticed it? When you are in a low spirit and feel yourself apathetically, you need energy and interest. What can give it to you? That’s right – sex. When you are tired and depressed – you need relaxation. What can give it to you? – True enough, sex. When you are boring – you need extreme? The best way is … sex. Again and again. Slow or quick, calm or extreme, romantic or wild, hard and gentle, one-off or during the whole night/day. People love each other, kiss each other, enjoy each other!!!! Dive in the whirligig of scalding passion, pleasant emotive groans, loving and tenderness, movements and whisperings. Create a great intrigue, open your possibilities, conquer the peaks, which you have never seen and even thought, succeed in orgasms! Let yourself go crazy, go out of mind, don’t be afraid – because – it is really drive you wild! Let it be unbelievable and unpredictable, It will bring you satisfaction! Have a sex in the car, in the underground, in the park, in the bed, on the table, on the floor, on the roof, at the attic, on the staircase, at the kitchen, on the chair, in the swimming pool, at the office, at your job, during the sunshine, under the rain, after dark , before the dawn, at the moment of storm, on the beach, in the sea – whatever you want it to be. Just use your imagination. HAVE SEX, LOVE SEX, ADMIRE SEX!!! But remember – the best sex in the world – is PROTECTED SEX!!!!
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CRADLE  (аноним)  28.02.2007, 20:18
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2 yers ago i`ve told you "it`s not true"
but now i`m completely agree with you
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