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19 мая´04 19:01 Просмотров: 599 Комментариев: 5
The days of losing my mind. They are not gone yet, but i'm working on it. i don't want to lose myself in a dark ocean of madness and lonelyness. Well, I'm crazy, so? I want to have some fun. But when you're sober it's kinda difficult to lose yourself and let it go.
I'm not so confident as I thought I was, I'm just a scared tunafish. Trying to run away when somebody had put his nets on me, but really wanting to be caught.
The days of wandering in dark has yet to be gone. i'm trying to be positive, but it's kinda difficult when there is so much shit around. Everybody's sayindg, common, dude, relax, don't worry, be f..ing happy. And I'm honestly trying, but i just don't want to let myself go. My memories, my past. I love my past, and I would love to live in it right now. But it's not here... I wish I could turn time to go backwards, so i could be happy in a tiny flying moment. You'll smile to me, and I'll smile back. I wish you were here. Who are you? I have no idea, but i want you to be near
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boodda    04.06.2004, 03:05
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BFD! never give up!!!
  (аноним)  01.06.2004, 14:26
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есть один такой провереный способ.
темпаче в штатах или где угодно :0)

wyro    01.06.2004, 14:26
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  (аноним)  22.05.2004, 16:33
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I've made one comment already, but seems like system made it lost for ever. So, let's try again :) : dont be sad, somebody will cauught you, I'm sure. Take care!
P.S. Then you'll be as happy as the day is long :)
Sato_    21.05.2004, 13:54
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мда.... совсем тебя тяжко в Штатах....