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Дослушался... :(

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..I dodn't know who you are but I
I'm with you...

..What makes her so right?
Is it the sound of her laugh?
That look in her eyes
When do you decide?
She is the dream that you seek
That force in your life
When you apologise
No matter who was wrong..

..All I know is I’m lost without you I’m not gonna lie
How my going to be strong without you I need you by my side
If we ever say we’ll never be together and we ended with goodbye
don’t know what I’d do ...I'm Lost without you
I keep trying to find my way but all I know is I’m lost without you
I keep trying to face the day I’m lost without you..

..I've made it obvious
So finally I'll sing it
(I've crushed on you so long)
I'm not so good with words
And since you never notice
The way that we belong
I'll say it in a love song...

..When the stars are in her eyes
And the sun is in her smile
The only moment in a life
That happens the same time
Is when a woman loves a man

She'll be a mother and a child
Sacrifice her days and nights
And no other will exist
She'll put her life in every kiss
When a woman loves a man

And you'll be amazed at when you're stumbling
She'll fight for you
And won't let you give in
She'll do all that she can
When a woman loves a man..

..While my heart is a shield and I won't let it down
While I am so afraid to fail so I won't even try
Well how can I say I'm alive..
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