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чем ещё заниматься на парах...как не сочинять песенки))))

24 марта´07 23:37 Просмотров: 346 Комментариев: 2
The Protest

All this time I'm fellin' pain
All the tears I cry - in vain
I've got nothin' here to lose,
You are fuckin' stupid muse.

Never mind I won't give up
I am strong and you are not,
You are freak, you have no sense
Just forget my pretty fence.

I'm a sun and you're a moon
I'm a day and you're a night,
Buy I'll know I see you soon
So, please, baby hold me tight.

You're a liar, I've always Known
I hate myself, cause I can't let go
Can't let go your fuckin' soul
Like a sharp sword in my world.

Blimey, baby, you've ruined it all
Ruined my dreams, I'm out of control

I'll be happy but you won't be
You, know it's a gift - to fell, to see...

You are zero without a stick
All the lines in your brain are thick
So, tell me now am I look like you???
Cause I love.., and that is true

You have changed, so do I
But my feelings never die
I'd burried them deep in my heart,
Never thought that it's so hurt.

But I swear I'll cope with it.
It's a fat dot. All complete.
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Not_Me    25.03.2007, 10:44
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ЯРКО!!!! :62: :62: Супер!!ты на кого учишься?..откуда такие знания языка??
SaBll_Я    25.03.2007, 10:44
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Спасиб)))) Я как раз филолоХ))) учу английский немец и франц)))) так что это по моей части=))))