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30 мая´04 22:15 Просмотров: 343 Комментариев: 2
pochemu ya nemogu naladit normalnije otnoshenijya slyudyami kotoriye mne nravyatsya i kotorim nravlyus ya?
toko ne govorite mne chto naverno eto ne te lyidi? koga i gde budut te?
ne, nu ladno za "lyudey", ya preuvelichivayu .. s nimi u menya normalno..:) i can get friends easily.. I mean I can make people treat me like a friend.
but why these skills are not applicable related to people I feel something more that affection.. or affection of other kind..
okey let's be simple and straitforward. there two guys: one I like and one, I think , still likes me..
there is nothing about feeleings which could be described as love.. too strong for these relations.. i mean both.
I want one phisically.. and I want second as a friend.. okey, being frankly I don't really think we could be friends..balin... he is needed to keep my self-esteem high...it's nice to know thatsmb likes u... hey.. life is so difficult.. balin.... i chto zhe delat... a????
i wonna make most of these relations.. I liked one without knowing him (ha.. he wanted to be my friend , real friend..) and one liked me without knowing as well. why is this happening??AA????both of them are nice. I just prefer one for sex and one for friendship?
okey, the first problem is easy to solve. but not always goals justify the means we achieve them..
another one is just afraid of me. maybe afraid to hear no again.. or ifraid to be rejcted. to reveal his feeling.. but why because of is our relations should suffer?
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Harmonia    30.05.2004, 23:13
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i deistvitelno.. chego eto ya:)
КрАпКа_лЖи    30.05.2004, 23:08
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забей ты
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