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Follow the white rabbit.

10 апреля´07 13:24 Просмотров: 428 Комментариев: 9
It is a studio apartirent that seems overgrown with technology.

Weed-like cables coil everywhere, duct-taped into thickets that wind up and around the legs of several desks.

Tabletops are filled with cannibalized equipment that lay open like an autopsied corpse.

We turn towards the center of this rat-nest of technology, following the slurping and crunching of cereal. We pass an open box of Capln Crunch as we find --

NEO, a younger man who knows more about living inside a computer than living outside one.

NEO Fuckin' idiots don't know shit.

He finishes his cereal and is about to disconnect when an anonynous message slices onto the screen.

SCREEN Do you want to know what the Matrix is, Neo?

Neo is frozen when he reads his name.

SCREEN SUPERASTIC: Who said that? JACKON: Who's Neo? GIBSON: This is a private board.

If you want to know, follow the white rabbit.

NEO What the hell...

SCREEN TIMAXE: Someone is hacking the hackers! FOS4: It's Morpheus!!!!! JACKON: Identify yourself.

Knock, knock, Neo.

A chill runs down his spine and when someone KNOCKS on his door he almost jumps out of his chair.

He looks at the door, then back at the computer but the message is gone.

He shakes his head, not completely sure what happened. Again, someone knocks.

Cautiously, Neo approaches the door.

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without_god    16.04.2007, 18:22
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может я и ламер но нивсигда он-лайн :09: сам такой :84:
without_god    14.04.2007, 09:06
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ну раз звёздные войны "cool=))" то тагда матрица тож сайдёт :02: :62:
HackandFix    14.04.2007, 09:06
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ЛОЛ =)))
without_god    11.04.2007, 19:48
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я ниверю в матрицу я за звёздные войны :09: нео маст дай :09: :02:
HackandFix    11.04.2007, 19:48
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Yo pal Matirx is the thing that helpd me servive it is my religion ......... about neo i am not sure that he ever existet , i dont belive in neo i belive in matrix. Star wars is good =) The jedi knights and sith r cool=))
without_god    10.04.2007, 20:37
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епать да эта ж матрицца :02:
HackandFix    10.04.2007, 20:37
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the matrix has u =)