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10 апреля´07 19:30 Просмотров: 417 Комментариев: 7
uhm....yeah wel...i'm Anastasiya...short name is Nastya...for my friends i'm just MASYA^_^
i'm 17... I have absolutly no f*cking idea what to tell about myself... i'm a weird girl and like freaky stuff.. music is my life. if i wouldn't have music i would die for sure .. i'm childish.... in love with candy .. married to ice cream... skull obsession.. i love art.. i want to be a powerpuffgirl (buttercup).... have talent for bad things even if they're ment good (we also call that STUPID).. forget alot of stuff if my head wasn't stuck it would be gone with the wind.. my humor is very sarcastic.... i'm mostly laughing at things that aren't funny.. actually i also laugh when it's suppose to be sad.... i'm lazy as hell.... . love kisses..... I pay attention to little things... love the trees in the autumn... like to sing..it's the main thing in my life!!!!!!!!!!and my dream is to be a famous singer!!!eh.... loooove emo ... loove scary stuff... ... i'm always drawing... always writing... have a different look on people .. really don't give a fuck about people who don't like me... when i first meet someone i guess i'm a bit shy... well that's about it... any questions? just ask me..

my friends ~living dead dolls ~emorangers ~music ~boys ~girls ~stripes ~skulls ~art ~photography ~powerpuffgirls:] ~emo ~indie ~barbie ~kisses ~hugs ~flowers ~suicide ~death ~Final Fantasy ~punk ~rock ~pink ~black ~poetry ~freaky stuff ~piercings ~tatoowws ~vampires ~watching the stars ~the moon ~watching leafs fall down in the fall ~watching snow fall down ~the woods ~rainbows ~butterflies ~snow ~acting like an idiot ~fairy's ~cottoncandy ~candy ~ben and jerry's ~caramel ~chocolate ~blood ~ribbons ~cartoons ~PETER PAN(he's my hero) ~water ~bows ~dots ~cubes ~vans ~allstars ~black nails (or pink that's hot:D) ~dreams ~cats ~monkeys ~snakes ~bats ~the feeling of having money !!! (for the ten minutes i own it before i spend it :D) ~energy drink (yesss i'm addicted to it yumm) ~guitars ~pon and zi ~happy tree friends ~hello kitty ~razorblades ~halloween ~a nightmare before christmas ~ <3 i like to sing in the bathroom....mm...hehe:Dlol:p

~people who think they're better than the rest... ~people who don't like my clothes and my style.. ~stupid music...(just aks me) ~windowshopping( which i have to do almost every week cause my money is gone in 60 sec) ~FAKES ~COPYCATS!!! ~BUGS eeeeewwwwww ~when people ate something smelly and then talk to you ... ~when my energy drink is gone... ~show offffssss ~~having no music (aaah drives me crazy)

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USD    29.04.2007, 23:11
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Маааааааася, ну просил же, не делавй фоты в чёрной рамке, ет только умерших в черныек ставят((((
Masy*O_o*    29.04.2007, 23:11
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a komu was legko...haha...et ne ja...eto moj fotograf sklepal^^:p
ono    10.04.2007, 22:42
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я тебе обожнюю сонечко моє....мего лавввкаю...гггг
ono    10.04.2007, 22:23
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Це лИшЕ нАша мАсЕчКа моЖе буТи такОю...кЛьоВоЮ і прОСто найКращОю....я тЕбЕ оБоЖнЮЮ,яНгоЛЯ моЄ!!! мОже зусТрінЕмОся яКосЬ??? :1: :1: :1:
Masy*O_o*    10.04.2007, 22:23
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oj ..koGo ja ba4ju....svoju <3
hehe...avzhezh zustrinemosja....cjom....ja napiwu koli....<3 you)))))))))))))))))))
ЛаЛа!!!    10.04.2007, 21:19
Оценка:  0
моя мася....люблю тебе))),...тре якось погуляти)))
Masy*O_o*    10.04.2007, 21:19
Оценка:  0
dja! dja! dja!!!!
bo ja uzhO suma sO_ojdu ...stoka tja ne videt'...uzhO_OsS!!! <3 u 2(:
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