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Yesterday morning

19 апреля´07 8:40 Просмотров: 210 Комментариев: 0
Yesterday morning wasn`t a great event for me… Sunday…yeah!!! It was really a sunny day…Sun just knocked in my window…stupid birds were glad to meet a new day…but I didn`t feel like them…I dried my eyes and my drunk head sad to me : “Alex, are you shure that you wanna get up and go? Where will you go?” And I was agreed… There`s nowhere I could go. There`s nobody to be glad for me in this city… It`s to strange…I was born there and all my 17 years passed here… But I have nothing and in one time I have everything! Yea, I don`t trust to anyone exept one girl and my parents. All people who love and still wait for me are so faraway from me. I miss all of you so much!!! It`s even getting funny that NOW I`m alone…only me, my shadows, my world, my music, my shallow heart and my dangerous mind. I want to run awAAAAAy from here!!! And yesterday I was really bad!!!I lied in my bed till 3 P.M. and there was nobody near me… only my piano and old songs of “GreeN Day”…FUCK!!! Take me away!! And now I am still bad…no! not bad! But very SAD!
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