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Rehabilitation with the help of Tennis

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Rehabilitation with the help of Tennis

The project is established by Vladimir Zhalko-Titarenko, the only one tennis player in the world who managed to overcome diagnosis of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and who plays with healthy professional tennis players. It is confirmed by Tennis New Zealand-C.E.O. Don Tumer, Tennis Australia, Tennis Canada, Ukrainian Federation of tennis that there was not the similar case in history of tennis ever.

Movement can replace almost all medicines,
but no medicines will replace movement.
A great quantity of youth, men and women of all ages require recovery, including those who suffer from injuries of musculoskeletal locomotor system and neurologic (paresis) aetiology. There is no need to prove that physical exercises are the best remedy and in many cases - rehabilitations. However, in most cases the medical gymnastics, simulators, manual techniques do not possess a competitive component and for this reason they are not very popular. Tennis as a playing kind of sport possesses a number of very important rehabilitation qualities, such as:
1) Prestigiousness of this kind of sport.
2) It develops coordination, reaction, and positively influences at emotional background of the person.
3) Opportunity to batche the loadings.
4) Tennis is a game where only one hand - left or right - is supposed to be used. It gives opportunity to play at one's full potential to persons with defects of one extremity.
5) Tennis is a game where restriction of displacements on the court in pair combinations exists and persons with defects of legs can be engaged in this kind of sport.
6) Tennis is a kind of sport where sportsmen on wheelchair are engaged, and it has the status of paraolimpical kind of sport.
7) Tennis helps a sick person to get rid from the feeling of physical inability for 40 up to 70 %.
What is more important is not to cure a person, but to give the feeling of being healthy, that as a result will lead to recovery of whole organism.

Owing to special bioenergetic qualities tennis can be successfully applied for rehabilitation. The convincing proof is the example of sportsman Vladimir Zhalko-Titarenko, the invalid since the childhood, who suffers from left-sided hemiparesis (the infantile cerebral paralysis), and as a result of regular practical tennis trainings he had attained modern professional techniques and ability to play matches with professional sportsmen without physical defects. Meanwhile he is a unique tennis player in the world who managed to overcome the diagnosis ICP.
8) Tennis can be useful for persons of advanced age as alternative to exercise therapy.
9) Tennis can act as means of struggle with drag-addiction, smoking, alcoholic dependence and depressions, being an psychological rehabilitation for youth.

The project is approved by the president of Ukrainian Federation of Tennis G.F.Benjaminov from 20.01.2006.
The manager of the project "Rehabilitation with the help of tennis" is Vladimir Valentinovich Zhalko-Titarenko (from the party " The United Family”) on February, 24th, 2006. For this date the offer on collaborate with the British Counsil, under the program "Adaptation of people with the limited opportunities" is already received.

Since February, 23rd 2006 negotiations with the European Union are carried on - under the article «Financing and management in sphere of health protection in Ukraine» .
The Project is on clause-by-clause discussion on a site of concepts «Ideal Country» since February, since 1st 2006.
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Mass-media partner of the proyect –electronic mass communication media «Sport.com.ua»
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The project was supported on April, 7th by 2006 Rovno Regional Federation of Tennis.
The nearest plans include the construction of the rehabilitation tennis center with sheltered courts, trainer rooms, and pool on the territory of Kiev.

For this project the State subsidies are essential for payment of municipal services for the tennis sports schools included in the project which is capable to develop into the international program.
In the world leading tennis countries the similar precedents do not exist untill nowadays.

Support of the project is realized by party "The United Family", and personally by Alexander Nikolaevich Rzhavskiy. The main consultant of the project is the theorist of modern tennis and specialist in bioenergetics Nikolay Jurevich Kanarjukov.
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