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Wolves pack attack

27 мая´07 10:59 Просмотров: 264 Комментариев: 0
Careful, wolves pack attack
Watch out, get back!
U got to try, it makes real… (Laugh)

- Whisht!!! Can u here it?
-What? What’s going on?

Yeah Diddy coming
You better keep running
Be carefully nigga
Don’t try to resist it
She’s armed to the teeth
So shut up stop your breath.

Hey, can you fell it hood
Can you hear the volleys shoot?
Now look deeply in my eyes
I suppose you in fear
It’s better not tease me guys
Cuz’ you’re risk to miss a tear.

It look’s like empty
But u don’t know me
We right here, everywhere
My wolves pack, run!
Not even think to slow down
It’s our den, we playing around

Live by sound Die by sound
Shady Hip-Hop beat around.

Listen to me
Your bullets can’t kill me
Run! – I’ll gonna catch u
Shoot! – I’ll gona gnaw u
I’ll bring u to knees
Cuz' hate enemies

My heart beating quickly
In dance of the death
From live to the and
It’s only 1 shoot 1 breathe.
I just want u to know-
My life it’s my own.

My crony call me Freaky
I guess he’s right
No one can’t understand me
But it’s OK. It’s all right.
If you wanna see me
Turn off the light!!!

It’s hard to love real
And u better know me
Iwill never leave my troop
It’s my band, Gangsta group.
No way back - Gangsta army -
Wolves pack attack…

U know only my nickname, e-mail
But don’t ever try to step on my tail.

Ha-ha-ha, I’m just kidding man
I’m not so BAD! Isn’t it funny?
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