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just came back from dinner in very rich french house

3 июня´07 0:55 Просмотров: 395 Комментариев: 2
just came back from dinner in very rich french house. Old man that is in fact uncle of the family i'm working for. I'm completely disgusted. Can you imagine, this old peace of french crap has servants. and all this people licking his ass!!!!! All this antique was doing on my nerves all evening. Food was pretty bad, and they were telling all the time - oh, so delicious!!!!
and then, it was this guy, I think my age or something, he ate his desert and then it was sauce that last in his plate, so he put finger in it and then he licked a finger! i was about to throw up.
other guy who is 26 was eating with folk in right hand and knife in left! horrible!!!!
I was so happy to come back in my tiny apartment, and put my crappy punk music on, to take of my shoes and smoke!
I'm pretty sure that everybody was hating me there, because I was silent, like stupid doll. But anyway, it was better for me, then be smart and talk politics!
ok, I will go and trow up now
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glaze1982    04.07.2007, 09:41
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Я все понимаю, но зачем на английском?
labelle    04.07.2007, 09:41
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просто, у меня не всегда русская клавиатура под рукой, а так как на английском я могу свободно выливать душу, пишу на английском. Вот.