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The Enemy

21 июня´07 16:13 Просмотров: 220 Комментариев: 0
Hey! Mr. Back stabbing son of a bitch
You’re livin’ in a world that willl soon be dyin’
And I know, everybody knows you try to be like me.
But even at your best as a man you couldn’t equal half o f me

I am realizing that everybody’s lost their simple ways.
And now that it’s here, I see it oh so clearly.
I’ve come face to face with the enemy.

You! You’re another shit talkin’ punk to me.
You’re a living inspiration for what I never wanna be.
I see, you’ve been blinded by what you believe.
Now back up and sit down, shut up and act like you need to be

Come to me…The enemy
So predicting, you’re the reason why I lie.
Simple decision took me too much time to fly.
Check Mate!!!
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