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20 августа´04 16:57 Просмотров: 217 Комментариев: 0
A have nothing to say axept one word - " relief ".
I wish i could feel it every minute i breathe, every second i live,every day i dream. Just not to be rejected and lost in this world .Not now.Never.I swear.I will remember...I will never be lost, forgotten, condemned, dead in this world.I will be yours if you wish.I will become that one i want to be, i know it, i deserve it.As it was sayest: only that one, who always feel misfortune and grief will feel enchantment and elation.I know it.I am sure.I don't know HOW, and i don't know WHEN.But i convinced that SOMEHOW and SOON, because i've suffered enough.Too much time i was in black disgrase.It is time to settle the score.I do not long for revange.But i will do it.I will be urs u just have to wish...I will be the one i want, I don't know HOW and WHEN, but i KNOW ISIDE...
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