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Same shit, different century... Why I am doing this?

6 ноября´04 20:36 Просмотров: 383 Комментариев: 2
In 1991, I immigrated, because I couldn't stand their faces, smells, mentality, stupidity, daily routine, lies, absence of any future etc. Now, trying to explain to a youngster that 2+2=4, I suddenly realized after his idiotic comments,that I came back almost 14 years. The other putz already called me a " sionist provokator " and several other wonderful names. Nothing fucking changed in their heads. Well, they have access to internet, can go abroad,pretend that they have freedom of speach /sort of /, even make money, but mentality is the same, may be even worse, because of an anarchy and politico-economical chavoc. It's very distressing. Poor country... After all years of occupation, Stalin camps, famine, wars Ukraine lost it's elite genes, middle class, simply, normal people.That doesn't mean that everybody is an idiot, I still have couple of friends and relatives, whom I like a lot, but the impression is,that overwhelming majority is corrupted by Soviet degradation beyond the point of no return.My only hope,that the next generation will be a little bit better. Moses was wondering in a desert for forty years for a reason.It still the case in 21 century.Recent elections showed this.
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Алене    06.11.2004, 20:55
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Не в тему заметки. Хотела приватно поблагодарить Вас за комментарий. Очень содержательно. Потому что мне пришлось узнать, кто такая Глория Стайнем. Буду заглядывать к Вам в гости. :)))
papadoctor    06.11.2004, 20:55
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budu rad