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favorite stuff =D

28 января´08 2:59 Просмотров: 351 Комментариев: 3
Lets talk about your favotite songs, music in general, movies, actor/actress, everything that you want to share with me. I'll be really happy to share my stuff with you too :] i would be really happy to get to know something about you. your biography. jUSt LEtS bE fRiENdS =)

Name: Alina
Age: 15
Birthday: april 15th :]
Birth Place: Kiev, Ukraine
Place that you live in right now: California, United States of America
Study: Clayton Valley high School
Work: i wil when i'll turn 16
Relationship Status: Taken and loving it
Favorite singer: Timati fa sho`
Kind of music: hip-hop, r&b, everyhing thats good. except metal, hard rock, and classic
Favorite movie: A Walk to Remember and etc.
Favorite song: I need a hero- Tina Turner ( for now, i saw too much Shrek, so im kinda addicted to this song :])

you can ask something else if you want, and i'll be happy to answer :]

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Энае    15.04.2008, 23:25
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любимая моя, поздравляю тебя в 16-ти летием!!!
это отличная дата в нашей жизни) пусть она принесет тебе все самое лучшее))) :4: :4: :4: :1:

п.с. извини, что так поздно поздравляю. День отстойный был. Только к компу добралась....
r1ng0_StaRr**    28.01.2008, 10:53
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hello!) i'm belko))...
favorite music-altrnative,brit-pop-rock,in de-rock)))..
favorite band-Placebo,Bloc Party,GooD Charlotte=)))...and others..
i like movies with Johnny Depp=))...
..what else you want know about me?=)
glamorous*    28.01.2008, 10:53
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i like it. how do you know english that good?